Reviewer needed!

ReviewerWelcome back, gamers and players,

today I’ll give you some news about “On Board – The Board Management Game” I’ll release next week.

On Board is a game designed to drive meeting (especially board meeting) to focus on real objective, to improve cooperation and collaboration and to expose social and interpersonal issue. It’s a valuable tool for consultant or C-level that needs a new look upon their internal process (a tool indeed very useful in this chaotic changing time).

If there is similar games on the market, they are not available for sold. USually these activities are composed directly by consultant, so no available for free. This game is indeed totally free.

I made this choice because PBL approach on gamification (PBL stays for Points, Badge, Leaderboard) is, in my humble opinion, killing the future of gamification (explaining why I think so will require a full post, I will write soon).

On Board is designed to be freely distribute, to try reaching C-level and HR manager, to show them a new approach to the concept of “gamification”, some concepts you can directly apply on your company and management without any technical or web implementation. Also, it’s not at all a PBL-based gamification.

And here cames the request in the title. The game is actually ready, but I want to improve that. So, to be sure that is good written, I’m looking for a born-english speaker reviewer of the game (it’s a small booklet: 6.500 words). This will help to improve any possible misunderstanding, typos or bad choices of words. Obviously, on stake there is the opportunity to have themselves credited within the game (I hope that its free publishing format will help in reaching a broader audience).

Hope someone will be interested (if so, comment here below or write to me on LinkedIn or any other social media): anyway stay tuned to get the full game next week!


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