Here you can find the collection of various post about a single topic or idea.

School in Coronavirus age

This collection of hints, suggestions and practical tricks is based upon my extensive experience as both teacher and trainer, in person and by digital platform. It is an italian article, created and updated during the Coronavirus pandemic to support teachers of all grades and fields to quickly transform their didactic to adapt to the new normality during those months.

A formal study of games

This research describe a foundation of a game theory based upon the formalism of modal logic, which allow to assess and manage any kind of games into a cohesive theoretical framework. It is comprised of a fully theoretical documents that show the foundation of the theory, and a practical documents of game design application of it.

Roi of Gamification and Game Design

Roi calculation is a primary activity for anyone willing to sell or operate, at business level, in these field. Here you can find useful tips regarding how to tailor the Roi calculation on game design and gamification needs.

#0 – Gamification and Roi: what’s up?
#1 – Playtesting
#2 – User Generated Content
#3 – Again on User Generated Content

Game on Demand

This kind of approach to Gamification is pretty unique and created on these blog pages. Using a consultant approach, with a solid framework about business process, you can use gamification as the ultimate driver for crowdsourcing and outsourcing, keeping alive marketing and engagement properties of gamification.

#Intro – If the question is about Crowdsourcing, the answer is about Gamification
#0 – First Step
#1 – Sense of Direction
#2 – Rock the System
#3 – Playtesting and Feedback
#4 – Collecting Playtest Data
#5 – The End and the Beginning
#extra – A presentation about Game on Demand with an exemplary case
#extra – How to talk to your C-level about Game on Demand (and Gamification)

Gamification Governance

Gamification is spreading, and with mass-diffusion it will need a stronger and more effective governance. In the following post I’ll try to highlight some guidelines useful to develop and implementation of a governance strategy for games and gamification.

Governance of Gaming #0 – What’s the question?
Governance of Gaming #1 – Controlling the Game
Governance of Gaming #2 – Controlling the Players

Gamification and Game Design Articles and Contributions

Some of this contribution has been originally published in the “Gamification in Education and Business” book [Springer, 2015]. Other are specifically written for this blog, and may be found also on my profile on http://www.researchGate.net

Implementing Game Design in Gamification

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