Welcome back!

Welcome back gamers and players!

First of all, apologies for this 2-months emptiness… there is still so much to talk about regarding Gamification, so don’t worry. I haven’t done, yet, with this blog.

Anyway, last times have been very interesting but deny me of the opportunity to write in this blog. I had to write a chapter for an important gamification’s book (update will come very soon). Meanwhile, I’ve decided to release in the next days a full and free corporate game for gamification consultant and c-level (“On Board!”, soon on this blog). I’m also in beta-testing step for a miniature game that (probably) will see the light next year… and I will a market research about gaming in Italy (I’ve mentioned that, the past year). Also, I’ve started to cooperate with a larp (live-action-role-playing) association with a very successful event, that is giving me a lot of new suggestion and hints…

Do you know how we usually say? “No news, are a good news“.

Stay tuned, the next weeks will be… gamefull!




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