A Formal Study of Games and Game Design

Welcome back!

After a few month of waiting, I can finally publish some new contribution. Specifically, today, I’ve been able to finally release in an almost-finalized version a couple of articles, named respectively “A Formal Study of Games” and “A Formal Study of Game Design”.

Those two are the direct descendant of the once-united article described here in an older post. What’s different? Basically, instead of a single paper that covers both the foundation and application of a new game theory based on linguistic, this version is composed by two different (but connected) article.

A Formal Study of Games is a foundational paper. You will find here considerations and primordial ideas that connect linguistic and modal logic to games. It is a strictly technical paper, written for the most part using set theory, math and logic. It should be accessible even to who isn’t a scholar of the subject, but do not expect nothing particularly user-friendly. My goal here was mostly to provide a solid foundation and some logical principles that can be expanded further, debated or eventually proven wrong.

A Formal Study of Game Design is a much more practical and accessible article. It shows a limited number of application of the principles described above, and offers a number of suggestions, idea and guidelines for game design that is innovative (because depends from an innovative view on what games are).

I’m currently working to have some publish presentation of both articles, and you can also find them and interact on my profile on ResearchGate if you have some question, objection, or counterexample on an academical level (whilst you can comment here for more trivial and basic questions).

Hopefully, both the paper will help in evolving the theoretical foundations of ludology (that, and I don’t think I’m revealing some secret, is extremely underdeveloped and not yet considered worthy of its own specific field of study).

Hope you are interested in reading both, at least as much as I’ve been writing them!




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