Business@G – Reassign Links

Business@G is a game and a gamification tools based primarily on structure. This means that, with an appropriate overview upon structure of the game and the card itself, you can easily redefined game rules and/or meaning of the Link to obtain a better result with your customer.

In a wide consultancy perspective, there is no boundaries to what the structure of Business@G can do. For example, you can monitor or analyze monetary cashflow, HR process and/or mansion and so on.

Obviously, Business@G got some boundaries: here below there are fully explained so you can easily as possible changing it.

Why to structure something in a 4-way model?
The most natural partition for humans are a 3-way model. There are some deep biological and psychological reason for that (for example, our innate sense of number reach on average 3).
So, if a 3-parted something is what we can understand fully with intuition, 4 is the simplest number that allow structure  complexity into something simpler. Think about the cartesian axis, the points of the compass, the music rhythm splinted in 4/4 and so on.

How can I appropriate choose a Business Process for a specific Link combination?
This is the worst and the most interesting part of all the job. In fact, once you can easily assign business process to a specific link combination (a card) you can use at its full power Business@G.
First of all, think about your Link. They are not business process: remember that. There is no sense to write down and “Analytics” process when Analytics are one of the Link your process connect with. Choose “Business Intelligence instead.
Also, remember that the Root is the first and most important part of the card: you have to guarantee that this kind of relationship/resource is fully available for the process. When you combine a wider number of cards, this means to check out any passage so the output of the previous process will be available for the next one. Do not write down.

What’s the reason for the missing link?
There is no way to keep all the world together: any actions you do, you define better something, and miss something else. This is the philosophy of Business@G’s structure.
The missing connection anyway do no mean that those Link are impossible: the missing link want to underline a possible problem in your structure: so choose wisely your business process also from this point of view.

An Example about Financial

Suppose you want to gamify an online bank customer’s interface. You want to structure some process so your customer will be driven to choose between financial offer the ones the bank want to sell in that time.

In this case, for example, Links can be defined as follows:

  • Profitability
  • Risk
  • Predictability
  • Management/Governance

Using this scheme, you can reassign a card (and a Link combination) to any of the process you want to gamify: Share Market, Money Exchange and so on.


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