Business@G – Q&A

Here below you can find answers to the most common question regarding Business@G – The Gamification Assessment Card Game. For asking a question, comment on the bottom of the page.

  • I can’t understand position and relationship between Links and Business Process Card
    Many of the Business Process written are generic “model”. Obviously any real company may have some differences in its own business process.
    The card, anyway, represent a 
    gamified business process: the process itself is written in a way that makes easier easier to imagine what you can gamify or not. When you create a game regarding a Business Process, probably you make obsolete the card itself in that very moment: this is another reason because there are many Business Process (Blank).
  • I need some examples of how to “read” Business Process Cards.
    Remember, at first, that “reading out loud” the card is specifically your consultancy/brainstorming activities, so you have to try that many times until you are confident with it. Here follow some examples:
    Technical Support – this Business Process starts from Outsourcing, so it obviously applies to outsourced technical support (as many companies have – but can also be a gamified community where experts use their skills to solve problems). It can develop a good governance of the process, guided by game’s rules, and brings to higher quality analytics in respect of the standard technical support monitoring. A game so developed, anyway, is difficult to spread virally (and therefore needs to be implemented from C-level within business process).
    Lead Generationa gamified Lead Generation Business Process starts from virality, because it needs a wide audience/pool to obtain good results. The game’s rules allow to have a good governance of process and allow to outsource lead generation; however, Analytics can be missing (here I meant analytics during the business process: if a customers of yours ask to 4 friends to subscribe, and you get only 1 new lead, you will probably miss analytics for the whole process, including the 3 missing lead, also if you have a good final analytics on the lead you created).
  • I can’t understand if the process described apply to B2C of B2B environment.
    Business Process Cards apply to both. Obviously, it is difficult to find a standard frame for a Lead Generation worthy towards Consumer and Business: if the market you’re analyzing is very specific (System Administrator and It Manager, for example) some of the process may be rewritten.
  • Why the game needs so attention and it’s not “ready to use”?
    Because it’s not only a game. It’s a tool for communications, brainstorming, teaching and assessment. As any other versatile tool, it need some skill to use it. If you prefer a simple “gaming approach” you can use basic Business Process card and rules “as it is”.
    That will be very useful to explain how gamification work in general: it’s less effective or can be a backfire if you are consulting and you need to be very specific on your customer’s needs.

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