Business@G – Basic Rules

Business @G is a deck of card designed to find out what procedures and process are easier to gamify, to suggest a way to structure your business model, gamifying it in different many field.

This page explain the Rules for game “Business @G“. They are available online to support the extended deck usability, so you can freely comment, suggest and critics what you find inside the box; and I can implement your suggestion directly within these rules.
Updating the deck is also a never-ending activity: actually I have released the #0.5 Edition (and I hope as soon as possible to publish the #1 version with cheaper price than what Game Crafter allow) and a Professional Edition fully customizable for those who need a marketing and demonstration tool, rather than a game.

First you will basic game rules. After, you will find link to other pages explaining possible  game uses.

What’s inside the box

Available on Game Crafter you will find a 60 card deck (business card size for best portability).

  • 8 Objective Cards
  • 3 Objective Wildcards
  • 1 Brief Rules Summary Card
  • 24 Business Process Card (written)
  • 24 Business Process Card (blank)

The Professional Edition, also available on Game Crafter and designed for consultant, will include:

  • Game Box
  • 8 Objective Cards
  • 14 Objective Wildcards
  • 1 Brief Rules Summary Card
  • 48 Business Process Card (blank) – 24 x 2

There is also available a promotional deck of 50 cards, that include all Business Process Cards but only 1 Rules Summary and 1 Objective Wildcard, instead of full references and objectives. This version is directly shipped, so you will know if you have one.

Game Basic Rules

The game in its basic version is very simple: pick up all Business Process (written) deck and shuffle it. Pick  up the Objective deck and shuffle it. Choose a random Business Process and put it into game, representing the starting point of your corporation. An Objective chosen at random is put either on the board.
First player to connect the starting Business Process with Objective will win.

All the players work for the same company and need to complete the path between starting Business Process and Objective fulfilling the requirement on this card.
The game turn is the following: choose randomly a starting player. Turn face up a number of cards equal to number of players. Starting from the first player, anyone choose a Business Process faced up in-game and connect it to another. Then turn another Business Process from the deck to face up.

Card’s Structure and Linking

A card will show 4 different colors, anyone representing a Link. A “Link” is some mood/tools/interaction ways that allow to obtain results and link a card to another.
For example, in a usual business process, a Data Gathering will create Analytics that can be used to Generate Lead.

There are 4 different Link, identified by colour: everyone represent some kind of linking between different area of business, and/or different business process.

  • Virality [Green] – this is the feature that allow to a game to spread and “virally” expand itself, engaging players, focusing their attention and so on. It is a primary feature in any gamification project.
  • Analytics [Yellow] – analytics easy can be implemented in any web-based game, and within most of the corporate system. Anyway, not all the game solutions can support structured data: sometimes a game will ask to “jump off” some step to shorten a process, and analytics can be difficult.
  • Governance [Blue] – a game have rules. Rules required structure. Structure allows governance. A good use of gamification will allow to add a governance layer to your gamified process, also if not all the gamified business process will allow a good level of governance (as standard rule, more a game allow outsourcing, less you can control it).
  • Outsourcing [Red] – gamification is a master path for outsourcing. While gaming, a player can accomplish task, solve problems, compare offers, find out discrepancy is a database. And all of this without need to publish or communicate critical corporate data.
Business Process Card

by Federico Danelli (C)

Any card will show and arrow, that determines a Root Link (below in the image), a Target Link (upside), a Side (or CollateralLink (left side) and a Missing Link (right side). This identifies any business process as unique. See image for details.
The Root Link is the starting point (in the example aside, Viral is Root Link for Customer Relationship), the Target Link is what you will obtain after the gamified process (Outsource), a Lateral Link is something that can or cannot be created during gamified activities (Analytics) and a Missing Link is what the business process make difficult to gamify (Governance, for gamified Customer Relationship).

Blank Business Process

by Federico Danelli (C)The assessment about Business Process is made from a wide point a view. From a closer point of view, the process you want to gamify.

The Blank Business Process Card will allow you to write down your specific business process in the central area (where upside is written “Customer Relationship”) to find out what gamification framework can work better for that.
This also allow you to represent some business process different from the standard that your company are using.

Needless to say, a wise use of this blank card, appropriately fitted with Business Process that best suits your customer’s needs is the best way to use Business@G as consultancy tool.

The true power of “Business@G”

Here below you will find out how to use the Business@G! deck to do many things outside “gaming”…

  • Marketing and Communication – within corporate C-level may be difficult to communicate what gamification can be used for. Business@G can be the answer, or a useful tool. Actually the use of Business@G as a gamification marketing tool is quite easy: bring it into your meeting! Anyway, in the next weeks this page will be activated and filled with hints and strategies to use the game at its best.
  • Question & Answers – have any question about this game, a mod you’ve developed, some new Business Process to add or anything else? Comment here.
  • Gamification Assessment – how to use the cards to assess a gamification solution, or a company processes to find out how to gamify that? Here the answers.
  • Reassign Links – Do you know why Link colours are described only on Brief Rules? Because you can use another Link of your choise to demonstrated any Business Process you want! At the same times, the Blank Business Process can be used to prepare a specific demonstration for your client, and/or to analyze some differences between the same Business Process in different company. Click here to find out more.


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