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Here you can find and a list of games and game-related activities, specifically, those written some times ago. All games here are in Italian: many of them probably will never be translated, or edited to a new version. However I add a short description to any of them and a brief rules summary, to understand the underlying game design efforts. Please also note that those are only the fully developed game: literally dozens of project, draft and similar never accepted or published (even in self-publishing) aren’t included.
Some files may became unavailable for download because of publishing / editorial agreement.

All those material are released under licence Creative Commons 3.0 (as the blog itself)
If you’re interested in publishing some of this game contact me: any game have been broadly developed, compared to downloadable file here.

A market-research created and maintained personally by myself. It’s the first, widest and deepest italian survey ever created upon game and gaming community. Obviously in Italian. Click on the link and navigate the survey to find out why it is so accurate.
UPDATE – At the survey page is available a link (colored in green) to download the first survey result: it’s only a sneak peek (and it’s in Italian) but you can find it interesting.

A fan-based manual for New World of Darkness, the White Wolf’s game. I was manager and owner of this project: coordinating translation in the first step; making the editing and publishing and artwork in a second step.

  • [Board game] – A Night in the City – 2011

A non-collectible card/board game, based on a “cyberpunk style” fictional world. Competitive between 2-8+ players, it is a mixture of card and board game. The players are cyberpunkers, everyone with his own objectives, which can be accomplished fighting the danger of the City.
The game is actually in final playtesting phase. Once completed, I’ll publish the basic rules (most of the game is based upon cards, that I cannot leave download-free).
A brief summary of rules system: the game is a hybrid between card and board games. Every play is settled within a city created with card (every card is a block). This allow to change dramatically between every game. The game itself uses game mechanics similar to Memory (you have to remember where are the most dangerous situation), competitive card game (you can use the card from the board, take them and use them against others players) and role-playing game (your character collect equipment, friends, allies and enemies). Very light rules systems, hard component (360 card split in 3 decks).

This game has a strange story: it’s born for the 24hours Contest, a challenge to Italian Game Designer to create a full-playable game (inspired by Rpg) in 24 hours. This one is the version send to judges, so anything you see here it’s written in 24 hours. The first pages contains the element the game have to be based upon (a famous phrase and two images).
A brief summary of rules system: written for 3+ players, this game use the technique of splitting authorities in part to recreate a “revolution” dynamics. At the beginning, a player is “The Power”. He is like a Master in a Rpg game: may decide what’s happen, and how. During game, the other players have to competitively collaborate to erase his power and make the Revolution! In fact, it’s the only game I know that allows to start with some roles and end with another, based on storytelling. It’s engine is quite accurate in recreating social and historical change (it recreate dynamics of a coup d’etat, or civil warfare, or sudden revolution, accordingly on what players do.

  • [Party / Role Playing Game] – Galaxy Quest [16 pages in A5 format] – 2009

Based on a hack of Tyrants (see below), this party game allow to storytell as a crew of a Spaceship. Very light and useful, unfortunately its first version is lost in a informative disaster. Actually I’m re-writing it.
This game allows to a Captain to fully create a story supported by his own Crew, everyone in that with his own specific role and authority.
A brief summary of rules: based on Tyrants Engine (see below), every member of the Crew got authorities to tell a part of the fictional universe. Communications can talk about friend and foe communication and scan, Science Officer about new technology and alien species and so on. The Captain role is particular: he manage time and turns, who can talk and when, but can’t tell anything directly about the world or the ship (in fact, in a “Rpg perspective” it’s the only player: all other are “Master”).

Born as a challenge between me and some gamers, my original idea was to create a game where players can tell a story about a “single” monstrous enemy, like Alien, Tyranid, Hive Mind and so on. This, keeping the game about storytelling and narration. After a few discussion, other players say it was impossible. Then I create this game to prove them they’re wrong.
This downloadable version is the #1.5. A #2.0 version more refined will be included in MUGS (Meta Universal Game System), my next work (and the first one in English).
A brief summary of rules system: written for 3-7 players, this game is based upon storytelling and competence area. Any player is “the boss” in relationship with some aspect of the story: one control fighting, one control coordination between Hive Mind creature, one assimilates enemy… and so on.
The game’s engine is based upon Interference: anytime, anyone can suggest what a player is telling is unfit (because he has not authorities to tell that thing, because it fall under another player’s sphere of influence, or because simply he don’t like it). At this point, all the Hive Mind (the players) take a vote and the game is based on how many time someone called a vote against you, how many time you win, how many time you lose.

An experimental rpg focused on Orks (a race inspired by the race from Games Workshop’s 40K games. Orks are brutal, stupid and meaningless… very similar to human, in fact! In this humoristic game what matter is not to be good or proud, but to be loud! Designed to recreate the background and feelings of being a part of orkish race, it uses very innovative mechanics that “jailbreak” the rules of classic rpg, following a very different strategies from the narrative one.
A brief summary of rules system: the game assumption #1 is that you yell. You have to yell a lot to do stuff. The Master (or, better, OrkMaster) should set the difficulties of action you are willing to take. The players (including you) vote for resolution, and using rules you determined who wins the right to tell the outcome of the actions. There are some others little innovation in some point (for example, the “money” in the game is used either as fictional currency and game system currency; or the players cannot decide who is on the stage and who is not; yelling and screaming give you a bonus, and the health-wound system is purely graphical). The game is designed specifically to use the tendency of narrative game towards anarchy and confusion to recreate anarchist, senseless, funny stories.

My attempt to create a “full” role-playing game, which gives rules to resolve any possibly situation with a high detail level. It is settled in a multi-verse world: a future where is possible to travel through time and to change history. You can be a former Gengis Khan’s warrior member of a motorcycle gang, a Roman Senator acting as Ceo of a medical corporation or literally any thing you could imagine.
This game suffers from bad writing – from my point of view – and an excess of theoria explanation, good for designer, not for player; but is very detailed and have great flexible concepts, tested widely during play.
A brief summary of rules system: the game is based upon strong use of statistic: it use an action resolution that measures its precision and accuracy (in their experimental meaning: see here). It is a close systems, with upper and lower limits, which covers a complete range of actions; differences (also huge) of size, age, complexity, technology level, knowledge, power. It use a different perspective on how apply the rules to fiction, and even if it’s a “mechanical” system (it gives sharp limit to action resolution) it’s builded to give  links useful to storytelling.

  • [Unofficial Supplements] – Cyberpunk 2020 Role Playing Game

As one of the first games I played, as many others I started writing stuff for my favorite Rpg game. All those supplements are in Italian, and many are very old (10 years or more). However, I made them all, from ideas to layout, and think the can be interesting. There is obviously no brief summary for the game systems.
I translated title and wrote a very brief summary, to understand what they are about.
#176 [Netrunner add-on] – Cyberpunk’s manual end with page #175, and it lacks a lot of information about Netrunner and Netrunning. So I complete the book by myself. I also find out in a digital version an old Net Fortress map.
Biotechnica’s Catalogue Winter/Fall 2026 [PseudoPet] PseudoPet are bio-engineered animals. There is a lack of rules and list for this animal, so I created my own.
New Drugs Cyberpunk 2020 has got a drug creation system, but a poor list of available drugs. I complete those list with some new drugs of mine.
Dramatis Personae [NPC] – Obviously, during my game I created a lot of Not-Playing-Character, or NPC. Painkiller, Preacher and Jena are amongst them.
City Gangs – Cyberpunk is full of gangs. I’ve developed this mood of the game further, with a list of new Gang in town and a reference sheet for gangs (here the Iron Sights)
MegaCorps Report – MegaCorporations are the classic villains in Cyberpunk genre. Here are a couple of brief reports upon Arasaka and Petrochem.


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