A formal study of games

Finally, I’ve been able to complete my essay “A formal study of games“.

To be honest, the paper was ready since… probably more than 2 years.

However, it was composed by two simmetrical part, one related to theoretical foundation of a game theory, while the other was abouta practical guidelines and implication in game design of those theory.

Somehow, the perfect balance was always far away. Either I dug too deep in theoretical question, making unapproachable the practical part, or otherwise the practical example were too easy to be picken apart and improperly used to create false counterfactual for the theoretical foundation.

As always: simpler is better. In the end, I basically separate the theoretical and practical part. This way, the theoretical foundation will be harder to read, but specifically reserved cognitive and language scientist.

The parte concerning game design, instead, will be targeted to game designer that want to explore the opportunity about a new perspective on what a game is.

You can find in on my profile in ResearchGate, here!



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