Italy who plays (intelligent games): survey’s open data

Dear gamers and players,

after a few months of hiatus due a heavy scheduling at work, I’ve finally a little more time to complete a number of lasting, incomplete works that were hanging on my head…

First (and probably oldest), it the survey “Italia che Gioca” (Italy who plays). This is a survey i proposed, created and managed back in 2012, with the aim to collect a (first) usable data over the market of intelligent gaming in Italy (including Boardgame, “Classic” game like chess, RPG, LARP, Wargame and so forth).

It was really a demanding survey (with approximately 100 questions, very segmented upon the answers given): however, approximately 800 italian players answered that explaining in a lot of details what games they play, when, with who, what were their entry-level games, if the don’t play anymore, why…. and so on so forth (just to give a size: the final database after consolidation is made by 656 rows – respondent – and 263 columns – specific answers).

This survey had preceded a number of other initiative (specifically in the last year – year and a half) that have the same goal: to gather enough data about this market segment in order to support its expansion and growth. To my knowledge, however, this both the more extensive and the more deep.

Even if the results have been already published here, more often that not people requested me to access to the full data, in order to make comparison with more recent survey, create other statical interpolation and so on.

Long stoy short: now ALL the result (saving those protected by privacy laws) as been published as Open Data (Open Culture licence – CC 4.0) and are available here:

All the data above are in Italian (introduction included): however, since it’s a very rich database, I’m pretty sure that simply using Google Translate you will able to access the data, if you need them. And, if you want a few more information, or have some interesting evidence you want to discuss, feel free to contact me, as usually, you can easily find me on LinkedIn.

To the next update, and keep the games up!



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