“Drifted”: a game giveaway


An alternate reality game experiment

Hello everyone!

We’re deep into 2016, and I haven’t updated the blog this year. Let me be clear, I’m happy this is happening… there a lot of projects that I’m managing and designing and I’m quite satisfied from the recent development. Almost all my free times is currently devoted to a couple of research paper that (I hope) will be ready for the first half of 2016.

So, since I haven’t got time to continue create content specifically for the blog, I’ve decided to use some of the game and material I’ve already created in the past and publish those on this blog.

Today, it’s the turn for Drifted.

That’s a game I created in a short windows of time, participating in Game Chef 2015. It’s extremely experimental. I usually participate to those kind of competition to push forward the boundaries of game design (or of my design at least). This game was an experimentation of a theoretical position I’ve developed approximately in the last year (long story short: “game aren’t things, rather than attitude people have towards some medium”). So, this is a single-player-alternate-reality-outsourced-game, that somehow is borderline to conspirator theory.

Fun enough to write, I have to admit. I’m not sure if you can effectively “playing” that, but nether-less I believe it contains a lot of useful suggestion and ideas you can use in your own design.

P.S: the category image is both green and yellow because, even if this game may be interesting specifically to designer, it’s perfectly usable also as introductory activities to complex game design. It’s not blue because it isn’t related to gamification at all.

You can also find here a peer review from another participant to the contest. There are a couple more, but I’ve got them on my mail and I don’t have requested to publish them to the authors.

See you on the next post!



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