“Machinations” Tool

MachinationsHello everyone!

While I struggle to find out relevant topics to discuss about (they’re not lacking, in fact, but time is a tyrant) I sometimes encounter some very very useful resources or tools I’ve never met before. This is one of them.

I’m talking (as it’s evident in the headline) of Machinations, a framework designed as a visual language with a particularly strict syntax, that allow you to model basically any interactions within your game, test them, and eventually fix in real time any problem or issue.

Here you will find Machinations. On the same page, in the sidebar and with a search on internet, you will find also the documentation (it’s collected in a huge book of 440+ pages, that also contains also some introductory notions, and that never should miss from any game designer library).

Well done Joris Dormans. Extremely well done.



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