Is gamification broken?

A quick update (the main post will arrive next week).

Here you will find an article about “why gamification is broken.

Of course, gamification isn’t broken. Because gamification isn’t even “a” thing, but an array of solutions. The bold line above make sense if you think of “gamification” as a simple PBL design. And, accidentally, I’m trying to use the word “motivational design” instead of “gamification” from long time now. But unfortunately SEO seems to doesn’t like these words as I do.

Eventually, even if anything written to the link above is well-know for anyone into the topic, even if more or less the same thing I said here in the blog (but before they happen, not after), even if I think there are (as usual) misunderstanding and a mix of separated concept (let’s say that  one of the solutions to “fix gamification” is to create a better UI. Which is the same as saying to sterilize a dog to avoid a cat pregnancy)…

…but, despite all the sounded critics; the one above is nevertheless a good introduction to problems and issues gamification is facing right now. And how they are actually perceived in business community.

And that’s the reason why the image in this post is red, with a splice of green.

See you next week!



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