New Blog’s features

new featuresAnd there we are! Are you ready to come back?

In fact I’ve been working on several post the latest months, and finally I’ve got a number or pre-written update that make me comfortable about starting again a regular updating of this blog. But, first thing first, you’ve noticed that a lot of thing have changed…. here follows the more relevant.

  • A simplified home page and navigation bar – not to be choosy, but I don’t think you’ll need a fast search engine for the pages, or a number of biography about me or my complete list of featured games. And, if you need that, you can always check my LinkedIN profile.
    On the other hand, the blog is now easier to read (also on mobile), more print-friendly and a little more neat. Anyway, if you need the search or the taglist, click on the “+” in the foot of any pages: contains anything you need.
  • Image as Category – you will not lose the distinction between different kind of post, but I will use the image color. As until now, I will continue to add a single (or more) image to any post, but I will convert them from the actual B/W to a specific color. The color (visible if you move the mouse on the image) will indicate post’s category and what’s about. The color I will use will be: green for introductory post about gamification, blue for the technical gamification explanation, yellow for the “drive test” (example of gamification implementation step – by – step), red to comment gamification trending topic or to reply to market research, news and son on. And, of course, the grayscale (B/W) will remain for direct communication with you, information about the blog and so on. The new colours will start to appear from next week.
  • A more flexible approach – here we talk about gamification, of course. But from time to time it happens that other important stuff may be helpful. Before I kept any kind of post more general for other possible use. Right now I can’t follow two blogs, so, if occasionally will be available a Kickstarter I made, or any other general information or idea I want to share (even if they’re about philosophy, or my personal life), you will find that here, colored with brown/sepia palette.
  • A better English – or, so I hope. Time has passed, my experience grown up. But if you couldn’t still understand what I wrote… well comment below a post!
  • Good things come for those who deserve that – I’m not again openness and communication. In fact, they are fundamental to scientific reasoning (and I’m into that, exactly as you I hope). Anyway, to avoid that some citation, idea or link will be taken without having the context into the right consideration, I will be a little less user-friendly. What I mean? Link like this one, for example. You have to look for them, because they’re poorly highlighted. From time to time I will release some material for free within a post, but I will not put them in homepage or as a highlight. I think it’s fair that the more alert readers may access that, while casual one could miss them…

And we’ve finished for today. Stay tune, first new post about Killer Application for Gamification will come sooner than what you expect (nah, I’m joking. Will be ready next week).

And, in the meantime, you may want to access to Business@G. It has been de-indexed, so check it out as long as you can!



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