Business @ Game!

Business@GWelcome Gamers and Players,

in this post I anticipated a post were I will discuss how to structure a business process to gamify it.
As I already said, this process take a long time and need some very sharp ideas. This is the reason because it takes so long.
Anyway, instead of writing a post about “how to structure your business process for gamification“, I do something really better. I gamify that!

At this link you can find my brand new game, specifically designed for business, “Business @G“. It is a competitive game useful for many situation to design a workflow of any business process and find out what’s easier or more difficult in gamifying it.

The full rules are available on this blog, under “Game for Business” as “Business@G”.

It is also a brainstorming tool, a motivational design, an instrument to explain how gamification works and also a challenge to find out what’s not so good or what can be improved in gamification behaviour and issue.

Sorry for the (relatively) high price: it’s basically the Game Crafter production cost.
Obviously, if you’re interested in a big number of copies and/or in producing it, e-mail me, its possible to take it for less (especially if you are in Europe, due to higher US shipping cost).



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