Never say “Gamification” again

Welcome Gamers and Players,ChiracTint

today I want to update you about the use of word “Gamification”. Also if I know that actually this terms is creating a consistent buzz around it, I’ve decided to do not use that in my presentation and consultancy activities, except for some very specific situation.

This because I’m having some trouble using this word: basically, my corporate counterpart tends to assume that Gamification is always something “game-related”.
Unfortunately, unlikely me and you, their feelings about “game” are “less serious and time-waster” rather than “funny and useful”.

Also, I realize that many of the projects I’ve to develop are not recognizable at all as “game”: they obviously use some game dynamics, but sometimes they are simply competition between teammate, and I don’t think that’s enough to call it “Gamification”, also if this word is actually trendy.

So, I decided to clean my communication related to this fields. Starting from today I’m using the definition Motivational Design, that explain better what I do, and how I do that, rather than Gamification.
I will use Gamification again only when I’m talking about something that has an actual game involved in it (what I previously have called “Game on Demand”).

I think Motivational Design is a clearer, more understandable and affordable term. And, by the way, it doesn’t have an existing bias against it.


2 thoughts on “Never say “Gamification” again

  1. I think this is really important. Gamification is a poor choice of word in so much that it sends out the wrong signals to too many people. It is not an attractive word and the first impression is that we are talking about something trivial. In fact we are talking about something potentially brilliant, so the terminology needs to reflect that.

  2. I perfectly agree with you Jon… surprisingly, I noticed that those involved in the first case of study I talked with on LinkedIn disagree wqith this statement… because “it’s a acquainted term”.
    P.S: here the (long) discussion I’m talking about (title is “Why Gamification is not dead” within Master of Gamification Group.


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