How to talk to your C-Level about Game on Demand (and Gamification)

Welcome Gamers and Players,

today I’ll try to give a few suggestion about something really important when talking about gamification: how to make your C-level to support gamification projects.

In fact, nothing in business moves without a C-level to support it. There are a lot of studies regarding drivers and brakes in business innovation, and they usually agree that C-level can be the best driver or the worst when introducing new ideas in business.
So, that worth a post.

What’s the biggest problem to talk your boss about gamification (or, better, game-on-demand)?

The first barrier is a simple, stupid, linguistic question. Game. Considering “game” something serious is hell difficult for many people. Also if video game and the recent social game explosion have proven game are quite good for business, in many “industrial” heavy-classic-merceologic sector this is feel link a vision from the far future. If you’re interested in spreading gamification between social and marketing companies, instead, probably they will carefully listen to you, but then choosing another option. The market is rapidly become crowded: probably today is too late to be the first in line.

This is the reason of my Game on Demand approach. Spread gamification directly to core industries, in critical business process, without waiting for gamification wave to hit these “old-fashioned” companies deeply (a process that probably will take years).

So, first of all, prepare yourself about the “gaming objections”. All the most common fall under what I call the “uncertain Roi” class.
I talk about this problem in my previous posts, about Roi (#1, #2 and #3 – and please note that the “user-generated content” in #3 is the very root of my Game on Demand strategy). So the first hint is to start from Roi calculation.

Another useful strategies is to build expectation upon what your C-level knows and agree with. If your Ceo is looking for a game to improve brand awareness, it’s senseless to propose him a Game on Demand that can also improve brand awareness. Regardless of your point of view, use your C-level point of view. For example, propose a game to reinforce brand awareness that can also outsource some small process and/or let the customer to be more aware and engaged in business process.
Remember to offer what other one do, plus something.

Also, in a cloudy field as gamification and new marketing and business strategies, probably, your C-level wanna have a business plan or scheduling project sharp and polite as it can be: economic return, marketing impact, everything measured and with analytics to monitor them. So you have to make this thoughts by yourself, before  meeting with C-level.

To make your project different from others, you can also use in your favor the actual short-term perspective. In market, Gamification is actually tested only as driver for short burst of engagement. How to maintain this push is a critical question many are trying to solve.
Game on Demand offers you an escape from this loophole: it creates business value from gaming, so it can live also without the marketing and brand Roi for a very long time.

And, last but not least, when creating a GoD project contact me!
See you tomorrow, with a short and practical presentation to reinforce your offer.



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