What’s next?

Welcome gamers and players,

after 3 post focused on Gamification and Roi, I’ll leave this topic for a while. There are 3 reasons:

  1. The topic should be discussed to find out what is really needed (that simply will not happen until I’ll reach more readers)
  2. I gave an introduction, and it should work for your first step in calculating Roi of project: to give more details I need a lot of time and effort that I prefer to deserve for something else, and I also need some data based upon experience, case history and so on.
  3. I pointed out what I think is the best concept: I mean the distinction between Implicit UGC and Explicit UGC, a distinction I never find out, that I think and suggest should be the “next big thing” about Gamification.

So… what’s next?

I want to be more practical, and focusing about a new in progress methodology I’ve created, called GoD (Game on Demand). It’s a way to create your games after an analysis of business requirements, a methodology that allow you to focus on game dynamics and structure to create a set of rule that fulfill exactly what your business need.

In fact, until now, this could be done only through experience by someone who knows very well either game design and your business requirements.

I will write a series of small post, that show step by step how to build a game starting from what business need. Into any post, I’ll also propose a brief game (playtestable), written in the few hours before, to show you how to apply directly the theory to reality.

So, stay tuned.


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