No dude, this is not gamification

Welcome gamers and players,

for today only a few word. Everyone is talking about gamification. Everyone gamify. Everyone unleash his or her creative energy to make business more fun, more proficient and more rewarding.

Well, I think we are exploring less than 2% of what “gamification” could be. Why I say “could”? Because short-term provisioning have compressed the chances in favour of what is simplest to understand for business C-level.

So, what is gamification today? Brand management, user engagement. That’s it. I see this path of gamification as short-term. Game is probably the most powerful and subtle instrument we’ve got to build our consciousness (ok, maybe also music work as well). Clicking of a bouncing frog or spamming our friends to get a badge is… pathetic.

In the last post I give a suggestion about what games can do: the highest point is a players which do something directly useful for business, and the lowest point is a game without any useful output “purely for fun”.

We usually think about “game” as in the second point. So gamification is stuck into a loophole about its usefulness.
You can make a game, and it’s funny. Well, then you put some elements inside the game that not disrupt the fun, and in a “subliminal” way send your message, increase fidelity of the users and so on. This is how it works now.
My idea is that you can start directly from business, and making a funny game upon it. It sounds weird: but it’s possible.

To demonstrate it, in the next weeks I’ll publish a brief summary about 2 different approach to what I call Game-design On Demand (GoD). This methodology wants to lead you directly from business to game.
And, I hope, let to build better, funnier and more focused game designed for business, far beyond from brand management and user engagement



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