Game, not videogame

Welcome gamers and players:
just a quick post to pinpoint something that needs to be explained.

When I am talking about “game”, I don’t mean “video-game”.
I’ve worked and designed Tabletop RPGs, Board games, Card Games, Narrative (or Storytelling) Games and so on, but I never worked on a video/social/app/online-game (the only exception is a system for interactive storytelling by smart phone).

I think the theory below the surface is the same (and I wish to demonstrate that): what differ is the tool of playing. So, what I say is not intended to be directly applied in video-gaming industry (and this is even more true about the next post, on Roi on Gamification).

A final note about my games: I’ve never produced and distributed one commercial. I like to create new mechanics and systems and testing them: unfortunately in Italy the game market is too small to think seriously about game-design as a job.
So there is not available games of mine in English.
In the next few months I wish to translate and rebuild some of my works. Until then, please forgive me.



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